IoTinno team spends this week in the mountains actively testing our tracking solution for rural areas. We are working with the KONA Micro gateway provided by our partner TEKTELIC Communications (on the pictures).  For this test,  we used our own tracker prototypes as well as trackers manufactured by GlobalSat.  The gateway was installed on a side of a mountain (450 m elevation).

We were able to achieve a stable signal in the radius of about 5 km from the gateway despite a difficult terrain (trees, hills, mountains). The indoor reception was also very stable 3.5 km from the gateway.

We were very pleased with the performance of our own trackers. All, the reception, the communication and the battery life turned out to be beyond our expectations! Way to go IoTinno R&D team!!!

The next step is the test with real people. We have our testers lined up and are looking forward to their feedback.

The screen shots from the mobile application are pretty amazing too. Check them out!

April 15, 2019

We are UP to an unmissable get-together:

Our team is excited to be a part of this year’s Uniting the Prairies event, a movement that unites startups and  leading technology players from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. During a 1.5 day conference,  the top VCs & angels + prairie expats & tech leaders will come together to share knowledge & experience.

Learn more:

Do not miss IOTINNO’s presentation on May 3rd. We are looking forward to new partnerships and investments!

March 1, 2019

IoTinno team is actively working on a major tacking solution trial on a ski resort in the Rockies.  All equipment and the back-end is ready to go! We will start installation as early as the beginning of May 2019. This is a print screen from our mobile application. Soon you will be able to see trackers on the map!

May 26, 2018

Our development team is busy testing new device in the Rockies and working on a new IoT solution. Stay tuned for more news on this.

April 17, 2018

A strategic team up between Microsoft and C3 IoT will lead to the creation of a “better together” solution and go-to-market initiatives which speed up the application development of enterprise AI and IoT.

The “better together” solution, comprising of the C3 IoT Platform – a low-code, highly productive PaaS for scaling AI and IoT throughout enterprises – is fully integrated to operate on Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft-C3 IoT collaboration will allow customers to formulate and deploy AI-based applications faster for transformative use cases such as AI predictive maintenance, dynamic inventory optimisation, precision healthcare, and CRM.

With Microsoft Azure as a preferred cloud provider, the C3 IoT Platform offers more intelligent business solutions to increase customer value. The C3 IoT Platform is presently available on Microsoft Azure and fully integrated with multiple Azure services including Azure IoT Hub and Azure Machine Learning.

Talking about the collaboration, C3 IoT CEO Thomas M. Siebel commented: “Combining the market reach of Microsoft, the amazing power of Microsoft Azure, and the capability of the C3 IoT AI platform, we will dramatically accelerate the adoption of AI, IoT, and elastic cloud computing globally.”

Judson Althoff, EVP of worldwide commercial business at Microsoft, added: “AI is one of the most transformative technology paradigms of our time in its ability to empower companies, societies, and economies to achieve more. C3 IoT’s proven technology and strong customer relationships make them an ideal partner in helping drive forward AI-based solutions built on the intelligent cloud.”

Microsoft has been particularly busy in this field of late. Last week the company announced investments worth $5 billion into the IoTover the next four years with the objective to provide “every customer the ability to transform their businesses, and the world at large, with connected solutions.”

Alongside this, Microsoft has teamed up with secure edge-to-enterprise IoT connectivity provider Electric Imp for secure IoT. As part of the team up, Electric Imp’s IoT platform will offer Azure-based managed services to accelerate IoT deployments on public and private clouds.