As per our slogan, we provide custom tailored end-to-end IoT solutions including designing and building of a network in an area, deployment and management of the infrastructure and solutions from the end node right to the applications.

Our vision is to support the rapid and collaborative growth of IoT in North America by providing an end-to-end, low-cost, reliable and secure eco-system that:

  • Supports more effective operation of infrastructure and services
  • Enables innovations across industries as diverse as agriculture, oil and gas, health, sports and outdoors
  • Shares information that can make people’s lives safer, healthier and easier


Our software team will design, implement, and test custom solutions for you to ensure that your hardware works just as it should. We have developed software solutions for a variety of different applications including robotics, advanced control systems, machine learning, IoT data management, mobile apps (iOS and Android) and much more.  Contact us to learn more about software engineering capabilities.


We provide the full range of project management services from Project set-up to Project delivery. We specialize in SCRUM, Kanban and Waterfall methodologies.

Project Set-up

Correct project set-up is instrumental to overall project success. Our team will review the scope and recommend a WBS/OBS/CBS, as well as recommend any or all procedures required to facilitate correct data workflows.

Schedule Management 

Schedule implementation is essential to all project management decisions. Essentially the schedule becomes the document of record for the project. It is used to forecast, manage change, risk, scope, and can provide evidence for future claims.

Project Budget

We will help facilitate the conversion of the project estimate into a manageable budget, which will be combined with the schedule plan to form the performance measurement baseline (PMB).