We are group of professionals from Calgary, Alberta who are very passionate about technology and IoT. Our team members have extensive experience in telecommunications and IT.

IoTinno Inc. is focused on the large potential within the IoT market space, with a key interest in using the technology to improve the user experience in remote locations like ski hills,  including providing a level of security and safety which is only starting to be offered by large ski hill operations globally, given the emergence of LoRa™ and other IoT underlying technology.
Our management team has extensive experience in bringing new products to market through our previous roles at Nortel, Avaya, Dentons and Schneider Electric, developing and introducing VoIP/IT/SCADA solutions to global markets. We are personally motivated to deliver products that are cost effective and positioned to answer real market needs, like safety of skiers, snowboarders and other guests at remote Ski Resort locations.